Shakiraaccording to the story of an important psychologist, has been strongly affected by desolation at the end of her long relationship of 12 years with Gerard Piqué.

The relationship between the famous ex-soccer player Gerard and the internationally recognized singer Shakira broke down after the new relationship between the Catalan and the Catalan came to light. Clara Chiawith whom he was unfaithful several times to Shakira.

The businesswoman is also now trying to heal her pain through her songs, such as “Monotonía”, “Music Session #53”, and the last song she released with Carol G. «TQG“, with which he would apparently end his attack on the new couple, and put an end to the subject in his personal life.

However, several psychologists would have analyzed Shakira’s actions and have come to the conclusion that she is experiencing a painful desolation, due to the departure of her partner and the way in which their relationship ended.

The artist in her hardest moments, according to psychologists, felt that she was alone in the midst of her pain, and she could not help but feel a void in her life that was caused by infidelity, and separation with the person who lived more than one decade and with whom he had two children Sasha and Milan.

They also assure that although she attended therapies to deal with pain, the artist had to perform the songs in order to express her feelings to all her followers, and thus heal in some way. While she has evidently become more and more of a globally recognized artist, while the owner of the kings league It only appears stable.