Popular Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira She has been harshly criticized on social networks in the last few hours, thanks to a photo she uploaded on her official Twitter account. instagram that aroused all kinds of comments on the platform. What is the photo about?

Shakira is receiving some criticism for a photo that he posted on his Instagram in 2016, which in the last few hours went viral again on the social networks.

At the beginning of 2016, Shakira posted a photo of her legs and feet. In it you could see her painted nails, but the state of the nails was not the best, so more than one user took it upon herself to let her know (unnecessary).

“I feel my farmer’s tan. Well, tennis, “Shakira wrote in that September 2016 publication.

But now, six years later, several users and Internet users of social networks have come across that photo again and the criticism has resumed.

Given the upsurge in criticism of Shakira, Many fans of the singer consider it unnecessary for networks to take the time to criticize things as common as that, and even give orders to celebrities about their personal care.

Without those reasons that do not justify the resurgence of criticism and before a photo from 2016, which is not fully understood and denotes that some do it solely to criticize the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’.