Karma hits very hard and when it hits, it can do it without any mercy, is what you are possibly thinking right now Shakira, who would be very happy after finding out that Gerard Piqué I would have been unfaithful to Clara Chia Marti with a young lawyer, as revealed by the Spanish journalist Jordi Marti.

Things are going great for the Colombian singer, at least in her plan to take revenge on her ex-partner and the woman they changed her for. And it is that since yesterday, it was revealed that Piqué would have been unfaithful to Clara Chia Martí with a young lawyer, whose name is Julia Puig.

The person in charge of making these revelations, a close friend of the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, He even labeled the former player of the Barcelona Fc, where he asked him if he knew the young lawyer and reminding him that he should not be upset if Shakira continues to expose him to the public eye.

The news of the infidelity of the Catalan has quickly become viral and a trend in the social media, but mostly it is thanks to Shakira, where millions of Internet users assure that they are enjoying the karma that their eyes are seeing at the moment.

Let’s remember that just a week ago, the artist premiered her musical session with Bizarre, where he did not skimp to throw hard lyrical darts against Piqué and Clara Chia, denigrating the young woman and letting her know that she will always be much superior.

The truth of all this is that the Colombian will not hesitate for a single moment to remind her ex-partner that there will not be two like her, and that divine justice it always comes by its own action.

And you, how do you think Shakira is now after finding out that clear Chia Marti Has she also been betrayed?