Details of a relationship in which she was involved are revealed Shakira with another celebrity, and what they call a relationship “beyond a friendship”, which unfortunately happened when she was in relationship with her husband Gerard Piqué.

the colombian again Shakira is receiving criticism and controversy from the media around the world, this time it would be for a lie that he hid quite well when he was in relation to Piquewith which it lasted approximately 12 years and where their two children were born.

According to the media of SpainThe woman from Barranquilla also had her moment of slip-up with another celebrity while she was with the father of her children, and although they wanted to keep everything a secret, the scandal would come to light at some point.

The singer from Barranquilla apparently had a relationship with a colleague who was also Colombian, which is why she had a big discussion with Pique at the time, well Maluma It was not only his colleague or co-worker, the media assure that there was something else between the two.

The couple’s discussion occurred in the year 2018 and although Pique he wasn’t so happy at the time, he let the fact go so as not to affect the image of Shakiramanaging to keep a low profile to the situation, and declaring that they only had a purely working relationship.

Though Pique wanted to explode at the time, he stopped and kept the subject secret, because Maluma he would also be in a relationship, and for the sake of his relationships he preferred to hide the subject.

Apparently everything happened while the colleagues were recording their songs «Blackmail«, «Clandestine” Y «Trap«.