Colombian singer and songwriter Shakira he would have had an “ugly and disrespectful gesture” with his former mother-in-law at a recent Christmas event for his son, which would have caused a moment of tension between the two.

Shakira would have had a snub with the mother of Pique in a recent meeting that the interpreter had, on the occasion of an event that her two children had at their school.

Presumably, the event occurred during the Christmas festival that took place on December 1 at the school they attend. Sasha Y Milan, the children of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, in the city Barcelona, ​​Spain.

As for the children’s school activity, the well-known Spanish media Europe Press He affirmed that that same day Shakira and the ex-soccer player arrived separately at the school facilities: she with her brother tonino and he accompanied by his mother.

Sources “close” to the event told the media that the famous ex-partner “did not even speak to each other” during the time they were in the place enjoying the function of their youngest son, Sasha.

According to the newspaper, both Piqué and Shakira were placed on opposite sides of the venue where the festival was held, so they were “completely separated”. However, what caused the annoyance of the mother of Pique, is that Shakira He did not even come close to greet her, something that the lady would have considered “disrespectful.”

“Anything may have happened between them, but it is not necessary to underestimate a greeting to each other’s family. The woman from Barranquilla did not greet Piqué’s mother either, who until a year ago was his mother-in-law, ”the outlet wrote.

The journalist from Europa Press called the attitude of the Colombian “ugly”, and used this event to reflect it with the rumors that the family of the ex-defender of the FC Barcelona He didn’t have a good relationship because of his “diva” attitude.

“This gesture only confirmed the bad relationship that supposedly existed between Shakira and Piqué’s parents,” he points out.

Citing “national and international media” as sources, Claraso indicated that the parents of the former soccer player “did not like the haughty attitude” of Shakira.

Adding to this, the mother of Pique has shown a very good reception with Clara Chia Marti, the current partner of the former soccer player and whom she even defended from the attacks of the press.