The scandalous separation of gerard Pique Y Shakira It continues to give a lot to talk about, because now it is revealed that the singer would be forcing her children not to call the footballer’s parents “grandparents”, because despite the twelve years that the couple was together, it was said that Gerard’s parents they loved the Colombian very much, however, that version has been fading after the latest media revelations.

Shakira He not only lashed out at his ex-partner and his new girlfriend, clear chiain his new Bizarrap song, he also hinted at his former mother-in-law, since it seems that their relationship was not the best, since a video recently began to circulate that shows Bernabeu abusing the famous 45-year-old singer.

However, it seems that things have started to get much worse than you can imagine, and even the couple’s children, Milan Y Sashahave begun to take a position on the matter.

According to the latest news, the singer would have asked her children to stop calling their parents grandparents gerard Piquea situation that would hurt the mother of the former soccer player a lot.

The Spanish magazinereadings» revealed that Montserrat Bernabeu complained that her grandchildren stopped calling her and her husband, John Pique«avi” Y “ona“, which means”Grandpa” Y “Grandmother«.

The businesswoman has felt quite hurt since the news broke that Shakira she would go to live in Miami with her children, thus removing her only grandchildren from her side and now with what the Barranquillera is doing, the resentment has grown stronger.