Shakira apparently he has not forgotten the betrayal committed by his ex-partner Gerard Piqué, with his current girlfriend Clara Chiaand once again he has attacked her strongly in his new song.

After several months of rumors about the possible collaboration between Karol G and Shakira, finally the wait to find out the truth ended, today February 24 the two compatriots officially launched on the channel Youtube of “La Bichota”, the new song that would be a hint for each of his ex-partners, Gerard Piqué and anuel aa.

«TQG» which translates «Te Quedo Grande», is the name of the song, where they not only attack men. The Barranquillera again with her controversial lyrics, attacks the girlfriend of the father of her children, and her followers strongly support the song that less than an hour after being published already has 1 million views.

The interpreter of «Monotony“, He released several phrases with which they criticize Clara Chía, “You left saying that you surpassed me and that you got a new girlfriend, what she does not know is that you are still seeing all the stories of me«This is clearly due to the photographs where Piqué is seen checking the Instagram of the artist from 45 years.

“Tell your new baby that I don’t compete because of mistakes”, is another of the phrases that indirectly belongs to the model of 23 yearsin addition to: “Seeing you with the new one hurt me, but I’m already set for mine.”

The followers of the two artists have shown their support in the comments of the song, and thank her for singing with so much feeling the daily situations that many people experience.

«Thank you for raising the voice of many people who are silent.«, «What pride two Colombians launching this song hit«, “Clearly we already know who the hints are directed at“, between many more.