Shakira It recently became a trend in the networks, more specifically on January 29, the birthday of his youngest son, Sasha, since there are rumors that the Barranquillera would have totally prohibited Clara Chia Marti attend the minor’s birthday.

Thousands of followers and the media were very aware of the ex-partner that day, since after their controversial separation, they would see them together again thanks to one of their children, since Sasha he would celebrate his 8th birthday at his mother’s house.

It is known that the minor wanted to share with his entire family for the last time before traveling to Miami with his mother and brother, where they began a new life without a father and his paternal grandparents. This decision would imply that his father, gerard Pique I would be present that day Monserrat BernabeuSasha’s grandmother, and it was suspected that Clara Chía would be present, despite the fact that there are rumors that the new couple would be going through a bad time due to Shakira’s musical success with Bizarrap, however, the relationship of gerard Y clear seems to be stronger than ever.

In the hope that Clara would attend Sasha’s birthday celebration, it was known that everything depended on the decision that the Colombian made, however, thanks to the Spanish media, it is known that the singer would have banned the couple from set foot in your house.

This news could have been confirmed on the same day as the minor’s birthday, since gerard He arrived at the singer’s house alone and with an overly serious face, which would show that he was not at all happy to have to be around her. Shakira and even more knowing that the media would be waiting for him.

It is also known that in the legal divorce agreements, a clause would be present, which specifies that Clara could not see the two minors at events or celebrations, regardless of whether they are of a social or family nature.