Shakira Y Gerard Piqué have been the subject of an intense wave of news about their divorce, legal agreement and decisions they have made regarding their personal lives, the international media have followed each other’s every move and are trying to reveal all the unexpected details of the changes that they have introduced into your life since June.

On December 1, 2022, the ex-partner decided to end their legal issues and signed an agreement with their lawyers to guarantee the well-being and future of their children Milan Y Sasha.

The Spaniard and the Colombian decided to move the children to Miami with their mother, but the former soccer player will be able to visit them every month and have ten days in which the children will be able to live with him.

Based on this information, The Mamarazzis of the media «The newspaper« said Shakira and the children will definitely leave Spain on January 7 or 8, 2023, since classes begin on those dates and it is important that your children get used to it because they will live a new lifestyle.

While they wait to see what the family’s relocation process will be like, the Spanish media follow all possible details of the agreement and the movements of the two celebrities and various reporters and journalists point out that the Barranquillera, given the consequences of this fact, will be a not very aggressive with the ex-soccer player and will reject all his special requests.

The Spanish journalist antonio rossi of «Telecinco« I speak in Ana Rosa’s program about the tension between Shakira Y Pique throughout the judicial process and these words support the previous reference of jordi martin about the lack of communication between the ex-partner, so much so that they avoid each other at all times as much as possible.

In the comments that the Spaniard made on the program, he said that gerard it is very “annoyed” with the singer because she does not accept some of her demands on her children and a trip to Miami, the words of the statement focus on that Shakira it is completely closed to what is written in the legal document and did not give you flexibility in terms of travel dates.

She wants to start in Miami, United States on January 10, but Piqué wants her to be more flexible with him about their children in their last days in Spain.

Thereafter, Sandra Alandro, A journalist who was also on the program, said that everything was included in the legal agreement and that he could not wait for La Colombiana to accept special agreements or requests that are outside the agreement.

She is the wounded and the betrayed and, in that sense, she has put the conditions on the table. In the break with Piqué he is being cruel.

Now it remains to wait and see which way the family will take, considering that starting next year the whole situation will move to Miami and they will begin a new chapter in their lives.