Shakira She has been mentioned a lot in recent months, since this has definitely not been her year, starting with her breakup with the former soccer player Gerard Piquésame with the one you have two childrenis followed by the illness of her father, who has had to be in hospitals several times in recent months and the lawsuit she has from the Spanish treasury, which accuses her of evading taxes for almost two years.

Shakira She was one of the singers who were going to be present at the grand opening of the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup, this would be her fourth performance at the World Cups, the first was in Germany 2006, followed by South Africa 2010 and finally Brazil 2014, despite Therefore, the Colombian singer decided to abandon the project at the last minute due to the weight of criticism from Internet users and mainly because of the rights that were violated to the immigrant workers in charge of building the stadiums of the Qatari country and in which it is believed that more than 6,000 workers lost their lives.

whatWhy it is believed that Shakira could be in the final of the World Cup?

The news was recently released that the Reggaeton singer, ozuna, will be present at the closing ceremony of the event on December 18 and as we all know, he is the same one who collaborated on the incredible song by Shakira call “Monotony”.

For this reason, Internet users have come to the idea that ozuna could convince Shakira to participate with him in the closing of the World Cup, although there are more who doubt that this theory is true, there are also those who trust and love the Barranquillera in the ceremony.

Do you think the Colombian would respond positively to a large-scale invitation?