Shakira is in the process of a life in Miami, after her relationship of more than a decade with former defender Gerard Piqué ended, with whom he has two children, Milan Y Sasha.

In the last days, Shakira was seen on the beaches of Spain, specifically in Cantabria, accompanied by her two children and a surf instructorwith whom it is rumored that he has a relationship.

Despite how difficult the divorce process has been for the Colombian singer, it was possible to see how close she is with the surf instructor, Gorka Ezkurdia, Since in the images we can see how close they are and the trust they have, it can also be seen that they have an excellent relationship, since the artist has invited him to live with her and her children, sharing the house like this for a few days.

For these reasons it is believed that between the two exist a relationshipbut they just want to keep it hidden from the media and while Shakira she organizes her new life, since apart from being in the custody process of her children, she also has to solve a problem with the Spanish Treasury, which accuses the singer of invading taxes for more than two years.

In the face of all these rumors of a new relationship, Shakira gave an official statement clarifying the relationship with Gorka Ezkurdia.

Out of respect for my children and the vulnerable moments they are going through, I ask the media to stop speculating.

I don’t have any partner, much less an illusion other than dedicating myself entirely to my children and their well-being.

Before that, the Colombian had granted an interview to the magazine «Elle», where I talk completely about his breakup with Pique and he also made it very clear that he is not on the way to resume his love life and that he is only going to focus on his two children.