Shakira He has once again defended himself against all the criticism surrounding his new single, since he is receiving strong criticism from Internet users for releasing his new song in collaboration with Bizarap, because for many, this act was wrongly done and they consider it disrespectful.

The debate is still open, all the cards are on the table, but many people have been offended by the recent launch of the Colombian. There are also people who have felt especially identified with the actions of the Barranquillera, since they think that doing that is for strong people, since they assure that many women are not capable of expressing their emotions as they do Shakira and they prefer to repress their sadness within themselves.

Using her Instagram account, Shakira shared some fragments of a news item in which they described some of the intentions behind the song, which has generated a lot of discussion in the networks, since apparently many do not like to see a sad woman express feelings.

Perhaps the anger of the people goes beyond what Shakira describes in her song, even so she made the decision to vent as she knows how to do, through her songs and there she left reflected all the bad things that are happening in these moments.