It was recently revealed that the next duo of Shakira to make a collaboration it was Carol G.The fans of the “bichota” did not wait and began to spread rumors that he would treat his song together with the interpreter of the hit “shooter” of the year.

Several entertainment media began to speculate on the subject that both Colombian singers would bring very soon, who with various experiences and nothing of resentmentthey would give a lot to talk about, and it is said that the lyrics of the long-awaited collaboration will be very aggressive and direct, which will be directed to its ex-partners.

«I’m big on you“It will be the new single that both artists will perform, according to the media, several phrases from the song have been leaked,”You going out to look for food«, «At least with me I kept you pretty» are some of the lyrics that can be heard in the recording work of Shakira and Karol G.

Quite strong lyrics, addressed to his controversial ex-partners, the song will not directly mention who the controversial verses are addressed to, but we all already know about the recent infidelity situations that the ex-soccer player has committed Gerard Piqué and the Latin trap singer, anuel aawith Colombian artists.