Despite the fact that Gerard Piqué shows that he has everything under control after his separation with Shakira, the truth is that the former soccer player is not going through an easy situation, but it is believed that in the coming months everything could get even worse. Well, the influence that Shakira has could play a trick on her.

Gerard would be being harassed by the Paparazzi, but not only him, because his current girlfriend, clear chiawould also be a victim of the media, despite that, for the couple the least of their problems today would be the media.

It seems that Piqué has not been doing well in business for a few months, it is known that he could receive a strong demand from the IFT (International Tennis Federation) for the Cup Davis. This is due to the breach of the contract that was for 25 years, but has only lasted three.

In 2021, the athlete had to liquidate his first company dedicated to video games, since he would not have been able to fulfill the projects he had planned.

In the program “The resistance” of David broncanoGerard Pique presumed that his estate was larger than the budget of the RCD Espanyolso I make it clear that his heritage is very high.

But what we are sure of is that the patrimony of Shakira is much higher, as well as its influence in the world. So it would not be difficult for him to pick up his cell phone, make a few calls and thus continue closing the doors to gerard.

It has been reported that the termination of the contract with the IFT It happened shortly after Shakira and Gerard broke up and for many this would be a rare coincidence, so they assure that the Colombian had something to do with it.