Colombian singer Shakira showed his liking, and praised the girl group members of the band BLACKPINK, when he had the opportunity to listen to them for the first time.

Shakira who is in the eye of the hurricane due to the controversies generated with his ex-partner Gerard Piquédid not hide the emotion of listening for the first time to the four members of black pinK, who despite making different music and being in another country, have shown their great talent around the world.

In an interview that the Barranquilla woman gave to the program “the40«, the artist had the opportunity to listen to the famous Korean group, and shortly before finishing she clarified that the girls have good talent, in addition to adding that they were physically very beautiful.

Fortunately, the Colombian was able to meet them personally in the year 2019when the four members did their show in the city of los angels, USA.

«They seem like pretty girls. I really appreciate your music“Said Shakira, who encouraged new talents to prepare a lot to be able to have the same or similar voices as theirs, because she notes the effort they make to be so recognized.

BLACKPINK, for his part, pointed out that the interpreter of “Monotony» is an icon of the genre that represents them, and they admire the power it has by still being in force producing good songs.