The singer-songwriter Shakira is extremely upset with her ex-partner and father of her two children, after the former Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué exposed to Milan, the eldest son of both and that has caused the Colombian to take the time to release a statement in which she exposes the bad attitude of the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc.

The Colombian Shakira is extremely upset with the last action that Gerard Piqué did with his eldest son Milan, whom he exposed in a live broadcast of Twitch without the consent of the performer ‘She-wolf’.

The reason for this transmission was the premiere of the virtual league that he himself chairs together with Ibai Llanos, ‘Kings League’, Piqué appeared with an unknown Milan who caused a sensation on social networks. But that Shakira has not liked it in the slightest because issues that do not compete with children were discussed.

It is for this reason that the 45-year-old artist has sent a statement through her official communication team to make clear her position on what happened.

“The singer in no case gave her prior consent or was consulted regarding her son’s participation in the broadcast of a sports project.”

Shakira’s fury is based on the issues that were covered in the broadcast, which were clearly not suitable for children and that she considers inappropriate to watch.

And you, do you agree with the position of Shakira?