The now popular ex-partner had an “emergency meeting” in the USA, where some claim it is due to their legal dispute over their two children.

According to the renowned entertainment program ‘Gossip not like’, who has closely followed the divorce of Shakira Y Pique, the Colombian artist decided to take her children to the city of San Diego, California, despite the father’s alleged opposition to her children traveling with her to Los USA.

However, it was learned that the trip coincided with the soccer tour that the Barcelona Fc, team in which Piqué plays, is carrying out in the country North American. Hence, as indicated by the show in question, an “emergency meeting” will be held between the two personalities.

According to the presenters of the aforementioned program, the fate of the woman from Barranquilla drew attention, since she has properties in other parts of the United States and not in this border city with Mexico.

“Very mysterious, because he has a house in the Bahamas, has a house in Miami, because Shakira, we have the power to confirm, that she is with her children in the city of San Diego, California”, he commented Javier Ceriano, show host.

Both Shakira and Piqué are facing a legal dispute over the custody of their two children. Piqué does not want sasha Y Milan they leave Barcelona, ​​Spain. While Shakira intends to move with her two little ones to the city of Miami, Florida.

Although it is intuited that Shakira’s trip is only for vacation reasons, the program affirms that there will be an “emergency” meeting between the now ex-couple.

“We have last minute news… Piqué is going to make a technical stop in San Diego also to meet Shakira,” Ceriani said.