Colombian singers Carol G. and Shakira They have released a part of their new song that they recorded together for the first time, and that apparently they dedicated to their ex-partners, Anuel AA and Gerard Piqué.

After several months of rumors where it was stated that the two artists would record a song for the first time, a few days ago the news was finally confirmed that not only excites the singers, but also their followers.

And a few days after the release of the complete musical album of the interpreter of «provence“, where the song is included”TQG»with Shakira, some stanzas of the theme would have been leaked, which include hints to the ex-partners of the barranquillera and the antioqueña.

Apparently the new attack, in the style of how Shakira has been doing, will not only be for Gerard PiquéOn this occasion, La Bichota followed in the footsteps of the interpreter of “Monotony«, and also wanted to cast a dart for his ex anuel aa.

Undoubtedly, the two singers seek to calm their pain with music for the betrayal committed by their boyfriends, and they have mentioned them in the topic. For his part, Karol G includes: “At least with me, I kept you pretty,” referring to the appearance, and the extreme thinness that the Puerto Rican goes through in his relationship with Yailin.

While Shakira says: “You going out to look for food and I thinking it was monotony”, a name that bears one of her recent songs, which she apparently dedicated to Gerard.

The truth is that both their fans and they are happy to finally have a collaboration together, and they hope that the success of the song will be resounding.