The expected collaboration between Shakira and Carol G. has left many fans with a bitter taste. Despite the fact that the release date coincided with Shakira’s birthday and that it was even mentioned that it could be a gift to her ex-partner, Gerard Piquéthe song has not been announced.

According to various international media, there are two possible reasons why the song has not been released yet. The first is that the team Shakira did not expect the backlash on social media after the Music Sessions with Bizarrap, including criticism of his children, which would have led to the release being paused.

The second reason is that the release date could have been scheduled for later, since Karol G had a project with Romeo Santos scheduled to come out on February 3, for this reason the supposed release of the song on February 2 was just a rumor.

The lyrics of the collaboration were leaked on social networks, but it seems that they were not the real verses and that it was just the lyrics of a song that he released about 2 years ago. The collaboration could work out, but first both teams reach an agreement. In the meantime, fans will have to wait a little longer to hear the highly anticipated collaboration.