Colombian singer Shakira could come up with a dangerous plan to ruin your ex-partner Gerard Piqué, who for several years took advantage of the influence of the mother of his two children to obtain important contracts on behalf of his company Kosmos, that he earned a name thanks to the deals that the interpreter managed to get for the former footballer.

According to what various sources close to Piqué have expressed, the former footballer He is presenting serious problems with his company, since he has not been able to carry out a series of contracts that he had previously managed to execute.

One of them, and the most recent, was the cancellation of the contract it had with the international tennis federation and the Davis cup, losing an enormous amount of money and being open to dangerous legal demands.

However, there is something that could be causing all these problems in your company, and it would be nothing more and nothing less than Shakira. Several Spanish media are affirming that the real reason why Kosmos is losing a lot of influence in her environment, is thanks to the influences of the interpreter of ‘She-wolf’.

The Colombian star would be making calls to each of the businessmen who signed with Kosmos thanks to his own influence. When Shakira was with the athlete, she helped him get million-dollar contracts thanks to his image, that allowed him to transmit a sufficient level of confidence with the contractors to agree to make deals with the Catalan and former player of the Barcelona Fc.

But now, the artist I would be returning the favor but in the opposite way. All these problems are serious for Kosmos, that he could go into bankruptcy with no return because of all the contracts he has been losing in recent months.