Details have recently been revealed stating that Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They have faked their separation all this time, this in order to generate a greater financial fortune than the one they currently have, among other reasons.

After more than half a year of controversy over the separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, after more than 12 years relationship and two children from love, now it is rumored that all this is probably a hoax to the international media, and the millions of followers of the couple.

The evidence that could refute the alleged separation is based on real events, and that different media close to the couple have released.

«Actually they don’t get along badly, but also all this is a story so that both are gaining media coverage because as you know they were not at their best“, was exposed by the renowned youtuber Dallas Review.

In the first instance, he stated that what the ex-partner has generated is disappointing, and given his reasons for not believing in the separation, he stated that it is false that the songs that Shakira created to attack Piqué, she would have written at the time of the breakup, since that the lyrics of those songs already existed.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the “ex-partner” is following each other on all social networks, which could mean that their relationship is fine, and they only create business strategies to generate extra money.

Finally, he analyzed how quickly it was to close the legal process regarding the custody of his two children, adding to this the source pointed out that between the two they have been creating commercial strategies such as the case of watches Casio and the car marks Twingo that without a doubt, they would have some economic benefit that suits them.