Shakira and his ex-partner Gerard Piquéhave been captured at the beginning of the year next to their children, viewers question whether there can be a reconciliation for the good of their children before this meeting.

The couple who separated in the month of June 2022had not gone through good times, since the reason for their separation was due to a betrayal on the part of Pique a Shakira, with a young model.

After many agreements, the mother of the couple’s children won custody of the minors, however, in the agreement it was clarified that both parents must be present in the upbringing and life of the children until their maturity.

The new reunion of the couple occurs after the controversy that was generated on social networks, because Gerard Piqué he was exposing his son Milan, with conversations that were not suitable for their age, and of which Shakira never issued an authorization.

And although his followers believed that the reunion of the two was about a reconciliation, the tension and indifference again made it clear that the couple is more distant than ever.

The former couple was seen keeping their distance while they enjoyed their son’s baseball game, each one accompanied by their relatives, and although there was tension, when they decided to be part of the group photo they got a little closer, showing their children that they their family relationship will not end.