Even though Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They do not want to see each other for anything in the world, it seems that this is impossible, since they have two children in common and that was the reason that made them meet again and the reason was Milan’s birthday, who turned 10 and the Colombian I organize a party despite the fact that custody says that at this time they must be with their father. Her two children arrived at the singer’s residence with Gerard and this was a very peculiar party.

Sasha Y Milan They were in the former player’s car accompanying him to Shakira’s residence, but instead of entering the Colombian’s house, they went to the house of Shakira’s parents. Gerard Piqué, which is next door.

In a few hours no one saw any of the three leave, which led the Spanish media to affirm that they could have passed through the garden shared by the houses of the Barranquillera and her former in-laws.

Those who were seen were the ex-in-laws of Shakira, who allegedly attended the Milan celebrations. It is not known if Gerard decided to share with the singer in the house that they shared for years or if he only attended to take her children and then leave for her engagement with the King League.