The former couple formed by Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They have been followed again on social networks, after their controversial break after 12 years Of relationship.

The ex-boyfriends who ended in a controversial way had stopped following each other on social networks, but apparently they are looking to have a better relationship or a reconciliation, this because some media noticed that they were followed again on social networks.

Although all the followers were surprised with the song where Shakira attack Pique and his new girlfriend, implying that the celebrity relationship would no longer have any way to fix it. They were amazed when they noticed that the celebrities were following each other again on their personal accounts of instagram.

The news undoubtedly stunned all the followers, who gave their different points of view to the strange movement of the ex-couple.

While some affirm that the couple has followed each other because they must have a good relationship for life, for the sake of their two children Sasha Y Milanthere are others who assert that this could be a business strategy to continue generating income with the controversial separation.

National and international celebrities have reacted to the couple’s new actions, who did not hesitate to express their surprise.