On January 29, the Colombian singer Shakira lived an uncomfortable moment when having to see face to face with Clara Chia Marti, the 23-year-old girl for whom her ex-partner, the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, He left her with his two children. Why were the two together and what happened?

Sasha, Shakira and Gerard Piqué’s youngest son had a birthday on January 29, so the athlete asked to be in charge of organizing the party to celebrate it, and with it, have the party at his home.

Shakira for his part, he could not refuse the request, so he had to face a tough situation having to attend the same place where Clara Chia Martí was present.

As published by the Spanish newspaper ‘The National’, The moment that the Colombian interpreter lived was as follows:

‘The culé He organized the party at his home, the girlfriend was there and the Colombian had to ring the bell to enter. This is how they now live the relationship with their children: by turns and asking for permission, ”reviewed the media outlet.

For his part, in previous days it was possible to see the former player of the Barcelona Fc and the 23-year-old while shopping at a mall. The interesting thing about this is that they were both buying gifts from Sasha, and the Catalan was in charge of choosing some of them.

And you, what do you think of the uncomfortable moment that Shakira lived?