A renowned journalist and reporter from Spain revealed the moment in which Shakira and Clara Chia Marti they saw each other face to face and for the first time in Kosmos, Gerard Piqué’s company in the city of Barcelona.

The infidelity that Piqué did to Shakira continues to emphasize various news items corresponding to all the details that exist between the ex-partner and the young woman for whom they exchanged the Colombian interpreter.

And now, with the help of an interview given by the reporter Roberto Antolin, The details of the first meeting between Shakira and Clara Chía Martí have been revealed, which took place when the 23-year-old was a simple intern at Kosmos.

“She knows Clara from when she was a company intern, Chía Marti is not a stunning woman, she is rather normal,” said the Spanish journalist in his statement.

However, what has attracted the most attention is the way in which Shakira referred to Clara Chia, who at the moment makes a clear reference to what ended up happening between her and the former player of the Barcelona Fc.

«She already knew her and called her ‘the dead fly’, this nickname because the girlfriend of the owner of Kosmos, She was very calm and behaved very well with the Colombian,” he said.

These details tell us that Shakira, even though he saw a helpless young woman, he knew that Clara Chia I would end up being a girl who would cause trouble.