Everything indicates that Shakira Y bizarre they would have plagiarized their new song, for this reason they receive harsh criticism on social networks, since it is not the first time this has happened.

It is not the first time that the Colombian and famous singer Shakira It is cataloged as having used plagiarism in its different songs, elements and strong evidence so determine.

On this occasion, the plagiarism would have been done in the new song by Bizarrap and Shakira, where they strongly attack the singer’s ex-partner, Gerard Piqué. A Venezuelan singer declared on her social networks the plagiarism that was committed to her song.

Singer Briellaof Venezuelan nationality, published videos on her social networks, accusing Shakira of copying her song with compelling evidence.

And after achieving virality with the videos, the general public could not help but remember the times that Shakira used the inspiration of others to create music, songs like “Hips don’t lie”, “I’m here”, and the well-remembered anthem of the world «Waka Waka», were remembered for the plagiarism involved in their lyrics.

The song involved and used by Shakira would be far from spiteful, since its lyrics are more intended for love, but without a doubt the rhythm that most has followers attached to the song is the one used without the consent of the Venezuelan singer.

The followers applaud the Colombian for turning the duel into a total trend. But outside of this, they criticize a lot that she cannot invest in her own mixes.