shakera once again allowed to see the rejection and the little appreciation that he has against his ex-mother-in-law, the mother of Gerard Piquéafter having a hit with his recent song “TQG”, Te Quedo Grande.

The businesswoman in addition to creating hints in the form of songs to the father of her children and her girlfriend Clara Chiaand profiting from the infidelity they committed towards her, once again I reiterate the feelings she has towards Montserrat Bernabeu, who was her mother-in-law more than a year ago.

And once again he has sent her a strong message, without saying a single word, but that she will finally know that it is a clear message for her.

As the followers know, several videos have been replicated where Gerard Piqué’s mother treated Shakira badly, and committed injustices towards her because she was a woman a few years older than her son, and because she did not have important last names. .

For this reason, the woman from Barranquilla would be returning everything she suffered in the past with her, and once again she has brought out the witch that she had on her balcony, and that is a very clear hint for Montserrat Bernabeu for being a pitifully terrible mother-in-law.

The mannequin that has the shape and appearance of a witch is placed in the direction of the house of Gerard’s parents, who are Shakira’s neighbors so that they can constantly see it as soon as they leave their mansion.

The followers of the artist and businesswoman, although they do not fully applaud her gesture, affirm that karma will make Piqué’s mother feel very sorry for the acts she committed towards her in her past.