Sex coach warns about dangerous play in bed

You should not use choking during sex if your partner has not given consent, says writer and sex coach Deirdre Sanders. She talks about dangerous games in bed warnedanswering a question from a The Sun reader.

A young woman who, due to unsuccessful dates, became disillusioned with the possibility of finding love, turned to Sanders for advice. The girl complained that the young men she dated disappeared without explanation, were manipulative and asked inappropriate questions about group sex and fetishes. “The last guy seemed great, but the first time we had sex, he grabbed me by the throat and started choking me. I was shocked, but he shrugged it off and said that all girls like it,” the reader recalled the bad experience.

Sanders, in response to the letter, pointed out that there is no safe strangulation, since the partner may not calculate the force and overdo it with pressure. “If a man doesn’t understand that his partner’s consent is needed in such matters, then he shouldn’t even be talked about,” Sanders is sure.

In addition, the coach advised the reader to temporarily stop actively searching for a relationship and delete the dating app. She explained that on such sites people get used to a large number of potential partners and treat them with consumerism. “Take care of yourself, join some hobby club, find a new hobby and friends. Don’t look for love, it often appears where there is friendship and common interests,” Sanders concluded.

Previously sex coach Rich Juzwiak gave advice a man who took a dominatrix mistress and began to suffer from remorse. According to the coach, a man’s unusual sexual desire does not justify his cheating on his wife.

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