Recently, The Boys SEVENTEEN appeared in ‘Game Caterers‘, and at one point behind the scenes, an accident occurred that would leave those present and fans who saw the short film stumped as to what would have happened next.

What happened was the following, an employee of the place unleashed the chaoswhen she accidentally spilled the tray with several containers of coffee or iced tea, a human error that could happen anywhere, but what impressed everyone was the rapid reaction of the SEVENTEEN members who were there resting.

The members of the musical group of kpop they got up very quickly to help the unfortunate employee, moreover, to jeonghan he had time to make an ingenious joke about the unexpected accident, he said that perhaps it could be a hidden camera test, which would seek to expose and test his true personality.

Everyone present started laughing and playing along with Jeongham, with this, they not only demonstrated their quick reaction to help someone in need, but also, with their pranks and jokes, they completely eliminated the annoying and uncomfortable environment that generated the slip of the employee, whose shame was appeased by the excellent attitude of the SEVENTEEN boys.

After this, they helped clean up the spilled liquid and collect the containers, which would undoubtedly leave the kind of personality that they actually have kind and full of manners, that’s how the members of SEVENTEEN were in this kind of situation.

Of course, the comments from his fans did not wait through the social networks. These were some of the messages they received for their kind and quick reaction.

“Jeonghan cleverly helped calm things down by saying it was a hidden camera test. And seeing how he also changed his clothes afterwards, it seems like the coffee spilled on him, but he didn’t hesitate to worry about the staff first. Hoshi also took pains to clean up the coffee and also S.COUPS who ran from afar even before the cups were broken cleaned it up to the last drop. The other boys also did his part. They are all so loving and witty and cool.”

“How ingenious.”

“My 0-100. I love you guys.”

“I was like the blankets, the blankets! And when Wonwoo lifted the blankets my heart was finally at peace…”

“It makes me proud.”

Here you can see the moment captured in video: