1. If you want to cool down a hot body, don’t take an ice shower. It is much better to cool down with lukewarm water, which is not such a shock to the body, and at the same time relieves overheating. It will help even more if you don’t wipe yourself and let the water gradually evaporate – this will cool you down even more.

2. Even ice cream is not ideal in the heat. An iced drink or food will cool you down for a while, but after a while the feeling of heat and thirst can come on even stronger. In addition, with a sharp cooling of the throat, you can beg for angina, so be careful with these treats. And if you need ice cream, choose water rather than cream.

Weather fluctuations are also harmful

Although prolonged heat is tiring, for many people the temperature fluctuations they have to endure are even worse. When the weather changes sharply and with it the air pressure, it is difficult not only for people with heart and vascular diseases, but also for people with sick joints or depression. If problems arise, you need to be calm and rest, the doctor advises.

3. Eliminate sugary drinks from your drinking regimen, they will heat up the body rather than refresh you. You should drink pure water, mineral water, weak teas or diluted fruit juices. As for coffee, like other caffeinated beverages it acts as a diuretic; but you definitely don’t have to worry that if you drink a cup when you wake up and then after lunch, you will be at risk of dehydration. However, coffee should definitely not be the basis of a drinking regime.

4. Keep in mind that ventilation is not always a good solution in the heat. If the temperature outside during the day is higher than what you want to have indoors, only ventilate late in the evening, at night and in the morning. As the sun rises, draw the curtains and close the windows to keep the cooler air in the apartment for as long as possible. You can encourage its flow with a fan, but watch out for drafts if you’re sweaty.

5. You can also cool the apartment with water. When you fill the bathtub and sink with water or hang wet towels in the rooms, they will cool the surrounding air as the water evaporates.

6. Although Czech tradition dictates that beer is best chilled, alcohol is generally not the best drink for hot weather. It expands the blood vessels even further, which puts a strain on the body. A healthy person does not have to worry about collapsing after one quick beer, but mineral water is definitely more suitable for him as well.

7. When traveling in a non-air-conditioned car in the heat, you should carry at least two liters of clean water per person. You can not only drink it, but also pour it on your T-shirt or soak a piece of cloth in it and put it in the window; thereby shading and cooling the interior. And when you “boil” the engine, you can pour warm water into the radiator. You can also cool yourself with ice cubes, which are sold at many pumps.

The article was published in the August edition of Zdraví magazine.