Do you remember the idiot who tore up characters from the Sesame Street series? So you have a mass alobe on your neck in America. How many Afro-Americans believe that the people in the costumes of Elmo, Kekska et al. ignore their kids, refuse to play with them and they are racists. One of the fathers even paid 25 million dollars, i.e. no more than 600 million crowns.

One of the incidents, as reported by the Mail Online server, took place at a meeting with children in the free park Sesame Place, which is dedicated to the popular American show.

As the video shows, the Telly Monster character was hanging around the youngest fans there and making out with them. Kennedi was reaching for the book of the young black woman, but Telly Monster didn’t stop and continued on.

As if it was repeating itself on the monster, when he noticed the characters of Ernie, our little girl turned to the father of the film and stared sadly.

The way I look at his TV, I want to cry every time I see it said Quinton Burns, the girl’s father, at the press conference, who broke down in tears in front of the television cameras.

According to Burns, this is a case of close racial discrimination. Sesame Place is asking for more than 25 million dollars. Among other things, the complaint states that the employees in costumes behaved very willingly towards similarly situated children.

Sesame, open up

The interesting thing is that this is not an isolated incident. Mothers of two girls who have a similar experience with the character of Rosita also joined the cast.

And according to him, there have been other incidents in recent years, when Quinton Burns called on the youth of the country to join the alobs.

Rodie double alob mass.

In response to the attack, the Sesame Place theme park released a statement explaining that costumed employees have known limited peripheral vision, so many children cannot see at all.

We will examine the alibis filed on behalf of Mr. Burns. We hope to resolve this matter through due process. We are committed to providing all our guests with an inclusive, fair and free experience, they stated so.