Popular Russian artist Sergey Lazarev said that 2022 was a year of great change for him, but he is trying to do everything possible to continue to delight fans with his work.

According to the artist, until recently, show business was going through hard times, like all other areas of life: concerts were canceled or postponed, advertising contracts were broken, coverage fell.

However, now, Sergey notes, the situation is starting to return to normal and life is returning to its previous state, allowing you to make some forecasts and plan further performances.

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As Lazarev promises, this fall he will perform with a new grandiose show program in Minsk, St. Petersburg and Moscow, and then go on a concert tour of the cities of Russia.

The artist also released a new album called “8” (infinity), asking fans to listen to the songs in the order he arranged them in clear.

“It is very important for me. There are no random songs on the album.” admitted Lazarev.