January 2, 2023, 21:24 – Public News Service – OSN

Russian senator Elena Afanasyeva made the claim that the music artist Valeria Meladze must be removed from the list of citizens Russian Federation. She shared this point of view within her own Telegram channel.

“For this, Meladze should not be deprived of titles, but of the citizenship of the Russian Federation,” reads the text of a widespread publication.

And besides this, Sergey Mironov proposed to deprive the Russian singer Valery Meladze of all the titles previously assigned to him.

At the same time, Mironov wondered how out of politics participation in such parties with “criminal chants” could be considered. He condemned such behavior and accused Meladze of trying to sit on two chairs.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian singer Valery Meladze, as part of his performance in Dubai, at the request of his fan, uttered the slogan of the Ukrainian Nazis on camera.

In response, Meladze ask the fan to be a little quieter and continued to communicate with the public. More read in material Public News Service.