Security forces came to an Azerbaijani restaurant in Voronezh. The noisy feast ended with the issuance of summonses to the military registration and enlistment office

In Voronezh there are about 50 visitors to the Azerbaijani restaurant “Fort” got agendas. Security forces raided the establishment where the company was celebrating its birthday and carried out a document check right during the celebration.

According to local TV channels, the majority of the guests at the noisy feast, who were given documents summoning them to the military registration and enlistment office, were Azerbaijanis who had acquired Russian citizenship.

In Russian cities they began to look for migrants who were not registered with the military

In the Moscow region Kotelniki riot police held raid near the mosque. From there they took 300 people to check their documents. Afterwards, everyone was sent to the military commissariat.

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

IN Chelyabinsk migrants who have received Russian citizenship and have not registered for military service, handed over agendas right at the Chinese market in the Metallurgical District. Employees of the military commissariats, with the support of riot police, handed out summonses to seven people, three were taken away for registration.

And in St. Petersburg during the raid the police forcibly delivered There are more than 100 migrants in the city military registration and enlistment offices. All those brought to the commissariats already had Russian passports, but the men were not registered with the military.

Russia wants to deprive migrants of citizenship due to refusal to serve in the army

Member in August Human Rights Council under the President (HRC) Kirill Kabanov statedthat depriving migrants of their acquired citizenship for refusing to register with the military and serve in the Armed Forces (AF) can become a fair practice.

In his opinion, evasion of conscription service by migrants is a refusal to fulfill the obligations assumed when acquiring Russian citizenship.

A person comes, receives a passport and begins to run around in order to register with the military. He is running away from his duty; he does not want to repay his debt to his homeland. Accordingly, if you don’t want to register for military service, then put down your passport and you’re free

Kirill Kabanov

August 28 at State Duma contributed a draft law providing for the deprivation of acquired citizenship for evading military registration and mobilization. Its authors note that new citizens of Russia are obliged to fulfill the duties established by the Constitution.

In turn, the head Investigative Committee (IC) of Russia Alexander Bastrykin offered deprive citizenship of migrants who refuse to participate in a special military operation (SVO).

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

Wives of SVO participants urged to report migrant neighbors to the military registration and enlistment office

Spouses of special operation participants called report on migrant neighbors who have not registered for military service—“newly made citizens of Russia”—to military commissariats.

Members of the “Siberian Rear” community offered to provide assistance in delivering unregistered citizens to their destination. One of them developed this idea and proposed establishing a norm according to which a woman would be given back her husband who left for a special operation for ten migrants transferred to the military registration and enlistment office.

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