Secrets of great flirting shared online

Reddit users who successfully flirt with members of the opposite sex talk about what phrases they consider the most successful. With their secrets of great flirting they shared in the AskReddit section of the Reddit forum.

Thus, one of the users told how, in his opinion, it is correct to build a dialogue in order to please the interlocutor.

Ask questions about them, show interest in their answers, make eye contact, use humor. Don’t talk only about yourself, don’t listen only about the person, pass this ball to each other, watch where it flies and go to the goal


Reddit user

One girl shared a flirting method that she spotted in a video on social networks.

Tap the guy on the shoulder and say, “Hey, my friend around the corner thinks you’re hot!” Then move around the corner and wave. All the guys in that video were delighted, it worked 100 percent


Reddit user

Some suggested honestly admitting your inability to flirt and trying to turn this disadvantage into a joke.

“Hi, my name is (insert name here). I don’t know how to flirt, but if I did, I would flirt with you until I lose my breath right now. Do you want to continue the conversation?”


Reddit user

Previously, people in whose lives there was sex without falling in love or even strong attraction, told on Reddit about his experience. One of the women recalled how she met a young man online who she did not like at all in appearance, but had a very pleasant character – in the end they continued to communicate and got married.

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