Sebastian Yatra left more than one Mexican surprised, since during his most recent interview Al Volante, with the Golden Scorpion, the beloved singer decided to become more intrepid than usual and give some unusual displays of affection to his followers.

And it is that, throughout the talk, the comedian gave the 27-year-old interpreter a bouquet of roses and challenged him to kiss a woman on the lips in the street. Thus, with all the willingness in the world, Yatra accepted and for several minutes that the program lasted, the singer could be observed talking with some passers-by who crossed his path.

However, although several were excited to see him, they confessed that they had a partner and, therefore, could not kiss him on the mouth. However, Yatra gave them a flower and a permitted kiss on the cheek.

But minutes later it can be seen that a middle-aged woman was asked to kiss her and to fulfill the challenge. After accepting, the artist and the follower took several photographs and, at the insistence of the Scorpion to give each other that show of affection, the fan and Yatra brought their lips together for brief moments without fear of fear. COVID-19.

This has provoked numerous criticisms due to the current health situation, since thanks to the Omicron variant, different countries have once again implemented numerous prevention measures.

Do you agree with Sebastián Yatra’s gesture towards his fan?