The owner of the “protest store” in the village of Russko-Vysotskoye, Dmitry Skurikhin, was again searched. Message about it appeared on Skurikhin’s telegram channel run by his wife.

What the searches are connected with is unknown. The search warrant is dated 11 November. How writes “OVD-Info”, referring to Skurikhin’s daughter, at the time of the visit of the security forces, in addition to the entrepreneur, his wife and four daughters were in the apartment, the phones were confiscated from family members.

To Skurikhin already came with searches in September as part of a criminal case on the repeated “discrediting of the army” (part 1 of article 280.3 of the Criminal Code). The case was opened because of Skurikhin’s telegram posts and photos of anti-war inscriptions on his store.

September 25 court appointed Skurikhin prohibition of certain actions. He cannot use the means of communication and mail, as well as communicate with witnesses in a criminal case.

What you need to know. Dmitry Skurikhin is the owner of the store, on the facade of which he has been placing slogans against Russian President Vladimir Putin and electoral fraud for several years. After the start of the war, Skurikhin brought a large inscription on the store: “Peace to Ukraine, freedom to Russia.” In May Skurikhin fined under the article on “discrediting” the Russian army.

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