Sea freight to Russia has dropped sharply in price

Prices for container transportation in Russia decreased significantly in 2023, which is in line with global trends in falling freight rates. About it writes “Kommersant”.

According to the CEO of ModernWay Nikolai Olshanskyshipping costs from China to the country’s ports is now 1.5-1.8 times less than the average in 2022. According to expert forecasts, low tariffs will remain for at least a year due to the expansion of the carrier fleet.

As noted in the material, if in the international market low demand combined with an increase in capacity led to a drop in prices, in Russia the main role was played by the saturation of supply from shipping companies that replaced the world leaders and competition between harbors.

Since May of this year, the country’s cargo transportation market has been gradually recovering, and in the Far East they even noted a lack of capacity at sea terminals. In September, specialists from the German Institute of Kiel stated return of the volume of unloading of goods in the three largest container ports of Russia to the indicators recorded before the start of the special military operation. According to the logistics platform Container xChange, the acceleration of deliveries led to the accumulation of 150 thousand containers in ports, which Russian importers, according to data at the end of the same month tried return to China.

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