The competition, which is named after sports and film legends Arnold Schwarzenegger, is unusual in that it does not qualify for it. Competitors from all over the world are chosen by the jury only on the basis of their sports results. It was a great honor for me, Miroslav 47, who finished in 10th place and earned an invitation to five ronk competitions.

How did you feel when you were chosen to lead?
I couldn’t believe it. I also learned this directly from the starting list, where I saw my name. They don’t even hide the fact that someone could deduct it from them, because it is esteem for the Americans to get to this competition at all.

How long have you been preparing for the seduction? And was the preparation from your bnch trnink?
I only had msc and pl to prepare, but before that I was confident that we could go. Also before the competition, I drove to full-length thorns. We didn’t know what disciplines he would compete in, I also struggled with the classic power triathlon. And those weeks before the competition, they said it would be a strongman’s seduction, and we had to change the preparation completely. We went to Jim Tkadlek, who is the world champion in this discipline, and Marek Tyl from Defenders Gym also helped with the preparation.

Were those time enough for you to prepare for those weeks?
No, it was small. I had to learn a completely different technique, and in the Strongman races, those disciplines follow each other very quickly, which I was not used to.

In what disciplines is the competition right?
Compete in those disciplines. The first is to lift 120 kilos of pound over your head for one minute. This is followed by a 120-kilo bag of sand, with which the seducer tries to avoid the greatest possible distance. This discipline is deadlift, when you lift the Inca with 240 pounds from the ground to the waist, and the last time was to pull 260 kilograms of sleds at a distance of ten meters at the fastest possible time.

How much time did you have to rest?
I thought there would be a ten-minute break for each discipline. But they were always there for three and five minutes, and I was in a row for thirty minutes. It even happened that after walking with a bag of sand, several seducers vomited a lot.

How many competitors competed for the title of the strongest firefight in the world?
There were a total of thirty plus two substitutes, among them was Jan Pipi from Liberec. From what I’ve learned, they have selected thousands of firefighters from around the world.

In the past, you won gold in the power triathlon at the world tournaments in Sydney and Jin Korea. Was the Arnold Sports Festival different from them?
Definitely There was a full atmosphere. There were several thousand people in search, and they all cheered. That was something unreal. You won’t miss this at world tournaments, because they do it differently in America. Even among the rivals, the Ptelsk atmosphere entered. The boys and I cheered on each other and there was no hostility between them. On the contrary, we used to encourage someone when something went wrong.

Weren’t you nervous in front of so many people?
He was and a lot. Especially before the first discipline, when I saw that the other boys fell. It grinded me full. But when I went to the ranks, I had to concentrate on my performance and the nervousness gradually subsided.

The patron of this competition is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Did you have the pleasure to meet us in person?
He met them tikrt on the weekend of the contest. Twice he greeted us firefighters and other seducers, and then he pedaled the commemorative medal. It was the hardest meeting with me and it was a dream come true for me. Even though I can’t even call it a dream, because I never even imagined that I would ever meet Arnold Schwarzenegger.

How was it for vs?
I couldn’t tell that it was really happening. When I started exercising at the age of fifteen, I had Arnold’s plaques pasted on the walls and was an inspiration to me. Suddenly he stood in front of them and spoke in a voice that the hunter heard from his film. Although it is with star pn, stle is a very charismatic hunter. It was a huge deal for me.

Do you doping in such a tournament?
We didn’t have anyone there to control doping, and I don’t think any of us would put it out there. But that’s how it belongs to the top sport. In the past, I met the darkness at the world’s fire department games, where I saw the Russians doping on the toilets.

How long do u seduce? And what actually led to that?
I started to seduce and sweat what I got to the Hasim. That is, the EU will be almost twenty-five years old. I first tried seductions like Hard Hats, where I found e mm dispositions for strength sports. That led me to powerlifting, but for a while I did pku or wrestling. But I want to try a strongman’s thorn for a year, because I was also invited to another Arnold Sports Festival.

What motivates you to do so hard and long?
I just enjoy it and in those years u mm sport as a drug. When I don’t go to work for a week, I get nervous and annoying. I am also motivated by five races where I would like to achieve better performance. I was not in full form this year because I injured my shoulder before the seduction. Then I was sadly bh with a bag of sand, where I probably understood the insertion of the rules. There in m, e mm jet large reserves.

Your sons are so sporty. Play baseball for Arrows Ostrava in the extra league. Help them with thorns?
Yes, Alexander and James now play as mues and are twice the place of the republic. I led them to sports and sometimes we go to practice together. Their thorns are full of other things, but when you need to gain weight for your winter training, I help them. But my own children are thorns and I’m nervous about it.

What in fact led you to fight?
It was more of an accident to me. I studied construction and I moved around in the field for a while. But I didn’t like it at all. I always enjoyed helping in some way, so I started thinking about going to the police. But then the town was vacated at the company fire brigade in Vtkovice and he tried to register. After those years, I peel to Ostrava, where I stayed.