Taganrog school No. 8 named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Anatoly Georgievich Lomakin hosted a flash mob and a military sports game “Zarnitsa”, timed to coincide with the celebration of the 77th anniversary of the Great Victory.

Pupils of 7th-11th grades participated in “Zarnitsa”. There are three stations in the school yard: first aid, tent dismantling and overcoming the obstacle course. 8-A won the game. In addition, the same classes competed with each other in the formation and song review, where 10-A won.

Flash mob for the Victory Day in this school is a good tradition. It involves students in grades 3-6. This time they lined up in number 77 and jointly sang the song “Victory Day for Ages”. The construction by mobile communication from the roof of a neighboring building was supervised by the deputy director for educational work Svetlana Kidyaeva.

After the flash mob, its participants went to see the system and songs. Remarkably, among those who commanded and marched, a noticeable majority were girls. On the other hand, men took over the parade, and the real military were representatives of the Military Training Center at the Southern Federal University (VUTs SFedU), located in the university building “D” (Nekrasovsky lane, 44) – across the street from the 8th school.

Earlier we said that Taganrog hosted open competition of readers.

Vladimir Prozorovsky, photo by the author