The Education Committee of the Administration of the City of Chita Urban District issued an order according to which, in the event of a sharp drop in day and night temperatures, face-to-face classes should be canceled


Press service of the department informsthat when the air temperature is below -36 degrees, the heads of educational institutions of the regional capital are recommended to release students in grades 1-4 from attending school. If the thermometer drops to -38 degrees and below, then similar recommendations apply to students in grades 5-11.

It is noted that in case of cancellation of classes, the heads of educational organizations undertake to inform the parents of students, as well as to ensure the implementation of the educational process in all subjects using distance technologies.

If a student comes to school in extremely low air temperatures, it is necessary to ensure that he is employed in accordance with the class schedule.

Kursk schoolchildren were also at the mercy of winter bad weather. Because of the heavy snowfall, many of them stayed at home. Reportedly that on December 14, 88% of school buses could not get on the route due to snow drifts. The authorities of the region noted that distance learning was organized in 17 districts of the city due to adverse weather conditions.

Frosty weather has settled in many regions of the country. In some areas, the arrows of thermometers drop to -58 degrees. Formerly online edition “Teacher’s newspaper” told that the temperature limits at which local authorities may recommend the suspension of classes in schools differ depending on the climatic zone.