Schoolchildren from Tumsk covered 120 kilometers on bicycles

Pupils of the Tumsk school No. 3, together with the teacher Ksenia Degteva, went on a bike trip on May 6th. And at night 8 returned home. Tourists covered distances of 120 kilometers – from Tuma to Ryazan. During the three days of the trip, the schoolchildren managed to visit the museum “Izba-Reading Room” in the village of Gureevo, visited the Bologna and Kriushinsky schools. We also saw the monument to Peter and Fevronia. And they found a place where Fevronya prayed (according to local stories), visited the house-museum of Pozhalostin.

Tourists handed out St. George ribbons to residents of villages and villages, hung up leaflets and cleaned up.

“So it happened at a halt near the village of Keltsy. We stopped for a halt and saw that there was a lot of garbage around. All removed! And in the village of Gureevo, we helped its creator Viktor Kasatkin clean up around the museum,” said Ksenia Aleksandrovna.

This is the first time the students have traveled this route. As Ksenia Degteva said, few organized tourist groups from the area have passed along this path in recent years.

“The route was dedicated to the narrow gauge railway. It was in her footsteps that we followed, ”said Ksenia Alexandrovna.

The participants of the trip remembered the struggle with the wind on the first day of spending the night. And also a walk for a distance of 15 kilometers to Bologna due to the impossibility of cycling on a sandy road.

“On the third day, we had to overcome the most critical section of the road – from Bologna to Kriushi along the old narrow gauge railway. The road appeared to be intact. But there were flooded areas, we had to carry bicycles and things on ourselves,” said Ksenia Alexandrovna.

Further the way of tourists lay to Ryazan. There, schoolchildren walked along the Kremlin Wall and visited the monument to Sergei Yesenin. And then we went home on the school bus.