December 17, 2022, 13:57 – Public News Service – OSN

Federal Chancellor Germany Olaf Scholz spoke out against an initiative to extract natural gas in the country by fracking, which consists of hydraulic fracturing. Scholz announced his position in an interview for the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung.

According to the chancellor, this mining technology gas does not look promising from an economic point of view, since it requires a lot of time for preparatory work, and already in 25 Germany is striving to achieve climate neutrality. Scholz also said that the idea of ​​extracting gas by fracking is causing a lot of opposition on the ground.

“The idea of ​​hydraulic fracturing in Germany seems like a mirage to me: the closer you get to it, you dissolve into thin air,” Scholz said.

As part of the interview, the German leader also called for Germany to acquire energy and economic independence. In particular, he called the goal of diversifying the economy, which could help achieve greater autonomy from China.

Previously reported on call Scholz not to “break the thread” of the dialogue with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The Chancellor recalled that after the end of the Ukrainian conflict, the question of cooperation between Europe and the Russian Federation will again arise. And although such a prospect Scholz considers remote, he stressed the importance of maintaining contacts.