In Russia, the dates for the Unified and Basic State Examinations (USE and OGE) in 2023 have been approved. We tell you what days the certification is scheduled for, how long the exam will take and what you can take with you to the audience.


Exam deadlines – 2023

According to the Order approving the dates for the USE next year, the main period of the Unified State Examination will be pass from May 26 to June 20. Works on different school subjects will be written on different dates. Exams are set for the following dates.

  • 26 of May – geography, literature and chemistry
  • May 29 – Russian language
  • June 1st – maths
  • June 5 — history and physics
  • June 8 – social science
  • June 13 – biology
  • June 13 – foreign languages ​​(except for the “Speaking” section)
  • June 16 and 17 — foreign languages ​​(only the “Speaking” section)
  • June 19 and 20 – information and communication technologies

The reserve deadlines for passing the Unified State Exam for all periods will pass With April 12 to September 19. These days will be available to those who received an unsatisfactory result in one of the required subjects or were unable to attend the exam for a good reason. During this period, those who have coincided with the timing of the exams will be able to write a paper.

Students of secondary vocational education, as well as students of foreign educational organizations, will have to take the USE during the period from March 20 to April 10. For graduates of previous years, the Unified State Exam will be held from March 20 to July 1.

OGE deadlines – 2023

The main exam in 2023 will be taken by ninth-graders from May 24 to July 1. As follows from the relevant Order, the OGE will traditionally be held in three periods. early scheduled April 21 to May 16basic – from May 24 to July 1additional – from 4 to 23 September.

In the main period, the following exam dates are determined:

  • May 24 – history, physics and biology
  • June 2 and 3 -foreign languages
  • June 6 – Russian language
  • the 9th of June – maths
  • June 14 – literature, physics, computer science, geography
  • June 17 – social science, biology, chemistry.

Duration of state exams

All exams begin at 10 am local time. The duration of the Unified State Examination in mathematics of the profile level, physics, literature, computer science and ICT, biology is 3 hours 55 minutes (235 minutes). Children will write work on the Russian language, chemistry, social studies, history for 3 hours 30 minutes (210 minutes). A foreign language (with the exception of the “Speaking” section, students will pass within 3 hours 10 minutes (190 minutes).

The exam in basic mathematics, geography, Chinese (excluding the “Speaking” section) will last 3 hours (180 minutes). Pass the section “Speaking” in English, German. In French, Spanish, graduates will be within 17 minutes, in Chinese – 14 minutes.

The duration of the OGE in the Russian language, mathematics and literature is 3 hours 55 minutes (235 minutes); in physics, social science, history, chemistry – 3 hours (180 minutes); in computer science, geography, biology – 2 hours 30 minutes (150 minutes); in foreign languages ​​(except speaking) – 2 hours (120 minutes); foreign languages ​​section “Speaking” – 15 minutes.

What can you bring to the exam

Schoolchildren have the right to take with them to the audience for passing the OGE and the Unified State Examination in the Russian language – a spelling dictionary; in mathematics – a ruler and a reference book; in physics – a ruler, a calculator, laboratory equipment. Those who pass chemistry are allowed to carry a calculator, a set of chemical reagents and laboratory equipment, the periodic table, a table of the solubility of salts, acids and bases in water, an electrochemical series of metal voltages. A ruler and a calculator are allowed for writing a paper in biology; in literature – a spelling dictionary, for ninth graders also full texts of works of art, collections of lyrics; in geography – a ruler, a calculator and geographical atlases for grades 7-9.