FIFA launched an investigation into the chef Salt Bae, who ran out to Messi and took the cup

The International Football Federation (FIFA) recognized the fact of a flagrant violation of the rules after the World Cup final: the world-famous chef, nicknamed Salt Bae (“handsome with salt”), ran onto the field, molested Lionel Messi and even took away the World Cup from the players, which is strictly prohibited. At the same time, the Turkish chef had FIFA accreditation around his neck. Social media users blamed the incident on FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who maintained friendly relations with Salt Bae but unfollowed him on social media as soon as the scandal erupted.

Turkish chef of Kurdish origin Nusret Gokce, nicknamed Salt Bae, celebrated the victory of Argentina in the World Cup final as if he were a footballer himself.

He broke into the field, took the cup from the players and took a photo with him, which is a gross violation of FIFA rules.

According to the regulations, only members of the winning team, the FIFA president and heads of state have the right to touch the World Cup. It is strictly forbidden for everyone else to do this – including for the sake of preserving the precious trophy, which has been continuously transferred from one World Cup winner to another since 1974.

Given that the goblet is made of 18-carat gold with malachite stripes at the base, such precautions are definitely not superfluous. But FIFA rules did not stop Salt Bae.

In addition to the cup incident, the Turkish chef also made Lionel Messi uncomfortable by insistently demanding his attention: touching the Argentine on the shoulder and almost forcibly shaking his hand when he tried to leave.

In the end, Salt Bae still forced Lionel Messi to take a photo together, although it was obvious that the captain of the Albiceleste was very unhappy with this fact.

Other players of the Argentina national team were more supportive of the unexpected visitor: Angel Di Maria, Paulo Dybala, Leandro Parades, and Cristian Ramirez were photographed with him.

And goalkeeper Franco Armani even allowed Nusret Gokce to bite his medal (although it is likely that Salt Bae did not ask permission).

However, the question still remains: how did the chef, albeit a very famous one, get the right to enter the field after the World Cup final? Football fans believe that Nusret Gökçe took advantage of his connections with Infantino.

Salt Bae restaurants are regularly visited by world stars, and in January 2021, the President of FIFA also dropped by. Infantino was delighted with the work of the chef and said in the video: “Mr. Nusret is the number one legend. The best of the best. I had an unforgettable evening in Dubai and will definitely be back.”

At the start of the World Cup, December 3, Salt Bae posted a joint photo with Infantino, Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos and Cafu from the VIP box. Apparently, the chef really took advantage of his friendship with the FIFA president to get accreditation with the highest level of access, which allowed him to then run onto the field after the World Cup final.

“This is corruption,” wrote social media users under a joint photo of Salt Bae with Infantino.

However, this does not bother the chef at all. Moreover, he posted many photos and videos with the World Cup in his hands and with the players of the Argentina national team, which are still hanging on the page as obvious evidence of violations of FIFA rules. Despite widespread criticism, Nusret does not remove anything.

And Infantino, who was publicly condemned, has already managed to unfollow the chef on Instagram (the owner of Meta is recognized as an extremist in Russia and banned).

FIFA’s press office, in a comment to Sportsmail, said it would investigate: “Following an investigation, FIFA found out how people gained unauthorized access to the pitch at Lusail Stadium on December 18th. Appropriate internal action will be taken.”

Salt Bae is world famous – more than 50 million people have subscribed to his social networks, and the price of a steak in his establishment reaches $ 1,000.

Nusret Gokce gained notoriety in 2017 for an unusual way of sprinkling salt on meat: Nusret raises a pinch in the air to shoulder level and positions the brush so that the minerals first fall on his elbow and then onto the dish. Also, the chef very skillfully throws knives in the air and cuts the meat with plastic movements, turning the serving of the dish into a real show.

Videos with his tricks went viral on the net and brought him fame, allowing him to open a network of establishments around the world.