SBU Colonel assessed the capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to resist new Russian tactics

Colonel Security services of Ukraine (SBU) retired Oleg Starikov on the air of his YouTube-channel assessed the capabilities of the Armed Forces of the Republic (AFU) to counter the new Russian tactics of using drones.

“We have not yet learned how to counter this tactic,” the expert stated, noting that the Ukrainian military does not have the necessary means of combat.

Starikov explained that small air assets can inflict high-precision fire, they are difficult to intercept, drones are controlled remotely using miniature infrastructure that is difficult to hit.

The colonel added that in order to counter Russian drones, it is necessary to provide each unit of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with a sufficient number of electronic warfare (EW) equipment and other anti-aircraft weapons.

Previously Starikov toldthat Ukrainian air defense systems are powerless against Russian glide bombs.

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