In Sasovo, at the SASTA machine tool plant, a unique machine tool was produced for the state corporation Roscosmos. This was announced on July 28 by the press secretary of the enterprise, Yulia Ushakova.

The heavy turning machining center will be used to produce parts from difficult-to-machine materials.

Plant chief engineer Victor Shatalov:

“This project was first presented to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin a year ago at the Metalworking exhibition.

It should be noted that Sasta has experience in supplying heavy machine tools. Earlier, similar equipment of a smaller size was supplied to one of the enterprises of Tactical Missiles Corporation JSC. The machine performed well.

Viktor Shatalov:

“The new heavy machine Sasta has the following main parameters: machine length – 25 meters; weight – 120 tons; the diameter of the installed workpiece is 1800 mm. Distance between centers (RMC) – 12 meters; maximum billet weight – 60 tons; main engine power – 125 kW. The maximum torque on the spindle is 32 kNm.”

The design cycle for the new center was about one year. The design was carried out by specialists of the Sasty design bureau.

Viktor Shatalov:

“We took into account all the needs and wishes of the customer. This is a project created specifically for them. When designing, we relied on the successful experience in the production of our serial heavy machine tools, and also took into account the best practices of world machine tool builders.”