Sasovites celebrated the Day of the District “Motherland of Colors”

On July 30, in the Sasovsky district, in the village of Pionerskaya Roscha, which is located on the banks of the Tsna River, the District Day was held: “Diversity of colors of the native land”.

All 15 settlements of the district in national costumes participated in the round dance parade. The delegations were headed by heads of administrations dressed in Russian and Mordovian, Tatar and Gypsy costumes, embroidered shirts and blouses. On the spacious glade of the Oak Grove, it was crowded with the farmsteads that built all the settlements. The hospitable hosts treated the guests to pancakes and pies, jams and pickles, fish soup and okroshka, honey and tomatoes.

“What didn’t they treat! Everything was very tasty and beautiful!” – emphasized the guest from the regional center Alexander Kostylev.

A long queue lined up behind the famous brand of the Ryazan region, Berezovsky Kalinnik.

Head of the settlement Elena Markova:

“We knew that our pie would be in demand, so we prepared more. But still, I had to reduce the pieces.

There were many children and young people at the festival who actively participated in all the festive amusements.

Andrey Nezalyonov, head of the Alyoshinsky settlement administration:

“We try to involve young people in all mass events. We consider this important. This holiday showed that young people perform from the stage, participate in dances and games with great pleasure.”

The settlements participated in competitions for the best costumes, farmsteads, pies.

The jury also determined the best settlement in all respects – Kargashinsky.

Director of the regional House of Culture Nina Siligina:

“The Kargashin delegation was a skirmisher in all competitions. They sang, danced, they had costumes in the same style.

The leaders of the district presented awards in various nominations to active social activists, honored workers and sponsors. The song “Let’s get up” performed by Igor Akimov sounded at the celebration. All those present supported the participants of the special operation to protect the republics of Donbass.

Director of the Shatsk Agrotechnological College Sergey Ulitin:

“With great pleasure, together with my granddaughter and grandson, we participated in the celebration. Surprisingly good mood was created by the organizers. Several hours flew by unnoticed. I enjoyed trying fresh honey.