Sashathe youngest son of Shakira Y Gerard Piqué has recently revealed his distaste for Clara Chiaso he prefers to stay away from her.

The couple’s children Milan Y Sashaof 9 Y 7 years respectively, without a doubt they have been the most affected in their parents’ disputes, since now they must carry out separate activities with each one.

Although it seems that at their young age they do not understand much about the subject, the reality in the case is that they have been greatly affected, especially by having to share with their father’s current girlfriend, Clara Chiawho has particularly received criticism from the entire Barranquillera family.

The firstborn of the ex-soccer player and the singer will meet 8 years the next January 29so the media are waiting to find out who they will share their special day with, which is clear Sasha is that he does not want to be close to clear. Her body expressions when he is close to her denotes the total dislike that she has for him.

According to the medium The National of Catalonia the minor’s countenance when he is close to Clara is «serious and a little rough«, although it is difficult to believe, the minor already assimilates what happened with his parents, and the new love of Pique. In addition, the media added that the suffering of the child when he must be separated from his mother is unimaginable.

According to the behaviors of Sashahe can’t stand Clara and at any time tries to avoid her, also showing a clear boredom next to his father, which is the opposite with Shakira.